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The Cast

Dr. Sanford Baker (Nick Toth)

Beverly Baker (Phyllis Katz) is Sanfordís wife

Tiffany Baker (Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst) is their 23 year old, well endowed daughter.

Tyler Baker (Jason Behr) is the Bakerís son who thinks he is black.

Kenny Baker (Kristoffer Ryan Winters) is the other Baker son.

Doctor (Jeremiah Birkett) is a friend of Tylers from South Central L.A. who always hangs out at the Baker home.

E.W. Ziffren (Tyler Bearde) is a documentary filmmaker with a grant to fillm the Baker family.

Sheila Shane (Rochelle Swanson) was Sanford's mistress in the first season.

Elena (Alex Meneses) is the oversexed maid from El Salvador.

Billy Baker (Peter Billingsly) is the son of Sanfordís brother Danny.

Verna Maxwell (Tane McClure) Sanfordís mistress durring the second season.

Min Sung (Karen Kim) is the new maid.

Tina Carter (Renee Tenison) is Tiffany's attractive black girlfriend.

Filmography for the cast of "Sherman Oaks"

Nick Toth:

Phyllis Katz:

None Known

Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst:
"The Granny"

"Bikini Summer 3: South Beach Heat"

Jason Behr:

None Known

Kristoffer Ryan Winters:

None Known

Jeremiah Birkett:

None Known

Tyler Bearde:


Rochelle Swanson:


"Within The Lines"

"Deadly Outbreak"

"Hungry for You"


"Hard Bounty"

"Secret Games 3"

"Illicit Dreams"

"Indecent Behavior 2"

"Night Fire"

Alex Meneses:

"Living in Peril"

"Kissing Miranda"

Peter Billingsly:

None Known

Tane McClure:

"Night Shade"

"Operation Cobra"

"Sexual Roulette"

"Babe Watch: Forbidden Parody"

"Scorned 2"

"Caged Hearts"

"Lap Dancing"

"Midnight Tease 2"

"Sirens of Seduction"


"Death and Desire"

Karen Kim:

None Known

Renee Tenison:

None Known

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