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The Movie Newsletter


The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The "new" title for this movie is

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation"

It will be out February 24th. The title sounds stupid but the cover for the new "title" looks good.

Freddy Vs. Jason -- November, 1998

Itís Friday the 13th on Elm Street as two of the most malevolent and wildly popular horror characters in cinematic history face-off for the ultimate showdown. Freddy finally matches wits with Jason in a modern-day clash that will rival the legendary battles between Frankenstein and the Wolfman, and Godzilla versus Rodan. Academy Award-winning special effects wizard Rob Bottin directs this tribute to terror produced by Sean Cunningham (the original Friday the 13th, Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday).

Rush Hour -- September, 1998

(Action Adventure)

International superstar Jackie Chan teams with funnyman Chris Tucker in this explosive, thrill-a-minute adventure, jam-packed with Chan's trademark daring martial arts stunts. In this exciting tale of betrayal and revenge, two men from very different worlds must learn to trust each other before they can win a high-stakes battle against a ruthless enemy who threatens to demolish the fragile peace between their countries. Starring Jackie Chan (Rumble In The Bronx, First Strike) and Chris Tucker (Friday, Money Talks, Fifth Element), Rush Hour is based on a script by Ross LaManna. Directed by Brett Ratner (Money Talks) and produced by Arthur Sarkissian (Last Man Standing).

Ferngully II
All I know is that it will come out in March