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1. I will be adding a Carmen Electra picture to the Sherman Oaks Picture Gallery very soon., From what I know she was never on the show but isn't it a good substitute until I can get some more pictures of Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst & the rest of the cast? I think so.

2. Nick Toth (Dr. Sanford Baker) has been added to "The Cast" filmography has been added.

3. The Sherman Oaks Guest book is here! Sign it!.

4. Updated Filmography(s).

5. New Pictures coming soon.

6. Link to CultTVman's website has been updated.

7. Fixed return link on "The Cast/Filmography" page.

8. I'm looking for pictures of Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst when she was in "Hot Body Video". if you have any E-mail them to me.

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